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  Great Depression thumb Great Depression   Aral Sea thumb Aral Sea issue   Darfur genocide thumb Darfur genocide
  Dot-com bubble thumb Dot-com bubble   Bhopal tragedy thumb Bhopal disaster   Cuban Missile Crisis thumb Cuba missile crisis
  Subprime Mortgage Crisis thumb Subprime crisis   Great Sparrow Campaign thumb Great Sparrow   North Korea thumb North Korea issue
  Panic 1857 thumb Crisis of 1857   Chernobyl crisis thumb Chernobyl crisis   Cold War thumb The Cold War
  Long Depression thumb Long Depression   Black Death thumb Black Death plague   Suez Canal Crisis thumb Suez Canal crisis
  Bankers panic thumb Bankers panic   Fukushima nuclear disaster thumb Fukushima disaster   Libyan civil war thumb Libyan civil war
  Dutch tulip thumb Dutch tulip mania   Deepwater Horizon thumb Deepwater Horizon   Norwegian terrorist thumb Norwegian terrorist
  South Sea Company thumb South Sea   Easter Island Deforestation thumb Easter Island   Somali pirate thumbnail Pirates in Somalia
  Argentina financial crisis thumb Argentina crisis   Hungary Red Sludge thumb Hungary sludge   Rwanda Genocide thumbnail Rwanda genocide
  Panic 1893 thumb Panic of 1893   Great Smog London thumb London smog      
  Iceland economic crisis protest thumb Iceland collapse   Exxon Valdez Oil thumb Exxon Valdez spill      
        Pollution China thumb Pollution in China